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Leather Wipes
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45G * 50% Viscose
60G * 70% Viscose
50G * 70% Viscose
Leather wipes can be used to depurating genuine leather car-chair, sofa, and other articles. The product contains special active decontamination and quality leather tendering agent. The cleaning, polishing and tendering is worked out at the same time. Also it can form a specifically protective film on the surface of leather articles after application. All your leather items, you can renew their rich, luxurious shine with these wipes.
Usage: Open pouch by peeling back the seal and use wipes directly. Please reseal pouch after using to keep moist.
Product Features:
Super soft Non-woven fabric composed with natural wood pulp and cotton
Purified, de-ionized and reverse osmosis Water
Free from formaldehyde and Lanolin
Available in:
Leather Wipes , 20wipes 250*180mm

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