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Glasses Wipes
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60G Dust free paper
45G * 50% Viscose
40G * 50% Viscose
40G * 50% Viscose
40G * 30% Viscose
Clean dust on your glasses conveniently and can also be used for vidicon,camera, telescope and leave a clean surface.
Usage: Usage: Tear off bag and pull the wipe out from pouch directly and use on glasses or lenses lightly. For best effect, if there is floating dust on the surface, please blow the dust before using the wipes.
Do not suitable for contact lenses.
Product Features:
Super soft Non-woven fabric composed with natural wood pulp and cotton
Purified, de-ionized and reverse osmosis Water
Free from formaldehyde and Lanolin
Available in:
Glasses Wipes , 1pc 180*180mm

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