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Pet wipes
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45G * 50% Viscose
45G * 30% Viscose
40G * 50% Viscose
40G * 30% Viscose
    Antiphlogistic effect (against any inflammation)
    Perfect cleaning in a moment
Pet Wipe is especially designed for cleaning our favourite animals ranging from pets to horses including cats and dogs as well. This product has the highest quality in the market. Although the target segment of the Pet Wipe is the world of animals, it is approved as a human cosmetic. Its active substances are treating the even inflamed skin. It has no irritation to pet.
Pet Wipe perfectly cleans away the contamination from the pawn and fur of the pets whilst brightening and softening it. By the use of the wipe, you can easily clean away the purulent discharge and other kind of secretions from the eyes or the ears. This is a practical and convenient solution not only for the pet keepers but also the pets.
Usage:Open pouch by peeling the seal back and use wipes directly on pets.Please reseal the pouch after using to keep moist.
Product Features :
Super soft Non-woven fabric composed with natural wood pulp and cotton
Purified, de-ionized and reverse osmosis Water
Free from Alcohol, formaldehyde and Lanolin
No irritation to pet
Available in:
Pet Wipes, 80 wipes 200*150mm

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