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Children Wipes-toilet
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45G * 100% Viscose
45G * 30% Viscose
40G * 100% Viscose
40G * 30% Viscose
45G * 50% Viscose
Can sterilize pyogenic coccus and pathogenic enteric bacillus effectively to clean children's skin.The wipes can bring your children healthy and comfortable feeling for daily use.
First choice for children¡¯s toilet tissue
Usage:  Open pouch by peeling back the seal and use wipes for children for toilet. Please reseal the seal after using to keep the wipes moist.
Product Features :
Super soft Non-woven fabric composed with natural wood pulp and cotton
Purified, de-ionized and reverse osmosis Water
Free from Alcohol, formaldehyde and Lanolin
Unique moistening ingredients and Natural Sterilization factors
No incitation to delicate skin
Pure, temperate, super touching feeling, deep skincare
Available in:
Children Wipes-toilet, 50 wipes 200*100mm

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