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Make-up Cleansing wetwipes
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45G * 50% Viscose
40G * 30% Viscose
40G * 50% Viscose
    2 in one formula
    Easy to use, the best quality
    Perfectly cleaning and treating your face
In our modern society, more and more women have less time to waste. For them, the Make-up cleansing wetwipes is the perfect solution. It easily and perfectly removes the make-up and other contaminations from the face, is gently cleaning the skin whilst treating it thanks to its high quality substances. Its vitamin content is nursing and making your skin perfect as well as delaying shrivelling and retarding drying of the skin. Also it has anti-inflammation, antibiotic and skin-regenerating effects.
Thanks to its high quality substances:
- recommended for all skin types
- minimize allergic reaction
- lanolin and alcohol free
Slowing open pouch by peeling back the seal and use wipes directly. Gently stroke wipes over eyelids,lashes,face and lips to lift away make-up.Please reseal after each use to keep moist.
Product Features:
Super soft Non-woven fabric composed with natural wood pulp and cotton
Purified, de-ionized and reverse osmosis Water
Free from Alcohol, formaldehyde and Lanolin
Unique moistening ingredients and Natural Sterilization factors
No incitation to delicate skin
Pure, temperate, super touching feeling, deep skincare
Available in:
Make-up cleansing wetwipes , 10 wipes 170*200mm

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